A Harley-Davidson, F150 Kind of Wedding, Down Mexico way

wedding interior scene

Growing up and living in Georgia, I am familiar with, shall we say, the folksy wedding. You know the down-home, foot-stomping, rockabilly kind of wedding.

I once attended a wedding in the North Georgia mountains near the location of the movie Deliverance. There were two bands at the reception – a country band and a really country band. The father of the bride was a fun-loving, back-slapping local politician whose name was V.D., like the public health concern.

In my travels I have often popped in unannounced at weddings, funerals, church services, and even a private party at the Kentucky Derby. I am always polite and quiet. I always ask permission to make pictures. Almost always the hosts are happy to welcome me. Almost. The Derby folks were not amused.

Last summer I crashed a wedding in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The festooned vintage Ford F150 pickup truck that served as the honeymoon vehicle first caught my eye. Then the bride arrived on a Harley-Davidson.

This wedding in Mexico was different from the, shall we say, folksy weddings I’ve witnessed in Georgia. A folksy wedding in Georgia might take place at a rural church, a mobile home park, or a firing range. The San Miguel ceremony took place in the ornate Templo de San Francisco, the Temple of Saint Francis of Assisi, constructed between 1779 and 1797. Its elaborate facade is one of the finest examples of Spanish Baroque architecture in North America.

The ceremony itself was a traditional full mass Catholic wedding. It was a fanciful juxtaposition of pageantry and tradition, pop culture, and a ninja motorcycle escort who wore a silver skull mask.

I give you the wedding of Ana and Paco.

Saint Francis of Assisi

Templo de San Francisco

Family and friends gather for the marriage of Ana and Paco at the magnificent 18th Century church. The statue at the top of the facade is Saint Francis of Assisi.


Ana searches for her groom as she arrives for the wedding ceremony.


Flower girl dresses

The processional

wedding vows

The vows


The newlyweds

Ford F-150

The wedding limousine


The radiant bride


The motorcycle escort


If anyone is having a “folksy” wedding in Georgia, let me know. I’d love to cover it.



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