All Hail to Dear Old UGA

I try to be fair and balanced. But there’s one matter about which I’m neither fair nor balanced. That’s UGA football.

Hail to UGAThese pages DO NOT give equal treatment to white, gold, purple, orange, blue, crimson, garnet, or maroon. On these pages, the balance of nature is Red and Black.

I see a red door and I want it painted black.

Even my logo is Red and Black. Not just any red. Pantone 200 red. Hex color code #CC0000 red. Official UGA Red. That’s 100 magenta 70 yellow 10 black.

With 33 days until the opening day of football in Athens, in the Most Beautiful Stadium in the Southeastern Conference, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite portraits of Georgians from the past year. My photography professor said every good photo needs a little red in it. The theme that runs through these portraits is RED.

Well-prepared Dogs watch ESPN College GameDay on the banks of the Tennessee River in Knoxville. That afternoon Georgia defeated the Vols, 34-31.
UGA truck
Bill Otis of Sky Valley, Ga., and his red 1949 Chevrolet five window half-ton pickup truck. We don’t talk about the Dogs’ 1949 record.
UGA bbq
Tinker and BJ show off their rig at B&T’s BBQ in Haralson. Tinker didn’t get the memo about orange. Bad Tinker.
UGA Fresh Air
UGA defeated Yale, 15-0, on October 12, 1929, the same year that Fresh Air smoked its first pork butt.
UGA Virginia Boswell
Virginia Boswell lives “up near Atlanta” in yellow jacket territory. But she looks smashing in red on the beach at Tybee Island.

Hail to Georgia!

132 Years of Bulldog football

85 Years Between the Hedges in Sanford Stadium
(One year more than the World Cup)

768 Glorious Victories

Two National Championships

Two Heisman Trophy Winners

14 SEC Titles

One Damn Good Dog.

UGA fight song

The article title and lyrics in the red boxes are from “Hail to Georgia,” the official fight song of The University of Georgia Bulldogs.

3 Responses to All Hail to Dear Old UGA

  1. Nylce Prada Myers July 30, 2014 at 9:38 am #

    These are terrific, Doug. Thanks for sharing.

    p.s. Wouldn’t it be great to ride along some dirt roads in that gorgeous ’49 pickup, watching the red clay roll past and knowing you didn’t have to be anywhere special anytime soon?

    • Doug Hall July 30, 2014 at 10:37 am #

      That sounds like a perfect afternoon.

  2. John Pike July 30, 2014 at 11:09 am #

    Love it. My favorite vehicle was a Georgia Red and Black Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. It was a sixties model but that just made the colors stand out better. And black is a color. Thanks for letting us in.