The best fried chicken in Atlanta, cornbread muffins too


the best fried chicken in Atlanta

Sail on Silver Grill: The loss of the best fried chicken in Atlanta.

The legendary Silver Grill on Monroe Drive in Atlanta has been demolished to make way for a chain Mexican restaurant. As much as I love Mexican food, this is a travesty.

For some 60 years, the Silver Grill may have produced the best fried chicken in Atlanta – and cornbread muffins, too.

When Kevin, the owner of the Silver Grill and a Damn Good Dawg, closed the doors in 2007 those delights went with him. New owners came in for a short time but they obviously didn’t have or didn’t respect the original recipes. It was like being offered champagne but getting sale-price Asti Spumante.

Wouldn’t it be great if Kevin would give up those recipes? But I don’t even know Kevin’s last name and a cursory Google search was only slightly productive. So if any of you out there can fill in the blanks, of it you have memories of the Silver Grill please let me know.

As I remember, only fried chicken breasts were available. They were indescribably delicious, thanks to the deft hand of chef John Fendell. A thin crispy coat of batter made a dark rich almost reddish brown exterior, slightly salty, with moist but not juicy flesh that was never tough, never rubbery, never dry. Sublime. The cornbread muffins were mini-size which produced a great crunchy crust to soft corny interior ratio. I’d like to have a bag full. When I’d drop by for take out, which often followed a stop on Tenth Street, I’d tell veteran waitress Peggy Mack she could forgo the plastic utensils if she’d slip me an extra muffin. She’d do it slyly as if she were slipping something past Kevin. Then she’d wink at me. It was our little secret.

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