A secret room, in a secret garden in a ghost town

secret garden, secret room

Can you spot the entrance to the secret room of the secret garden at the Secret hotel?

Mineral de Pozos is one of the pueblos mágicos (magical villages) of Mexico. And within this magical village there is a breathtaking secret garden with a secret room.

About 180 miles northwest of Mexico City in the state of Guanajuato, Pozos was once a thriving, opulent mining city, but was abandoned and became a ghost town for nearly a century. That has changed in recent years as “gringos” from nearby San Miguel de Allende have discovered the place.

Almost hidden in a corner of the town square is a simple door leading to El Secreto de Pozos, a luxurious three-room hotel ($110 per night) that is operated by Americans.

The rooms look beautiful but nothing matches the splendor of the secret gardens that are laid out in a maize. You wander in one side and exit another and then twist into another place more magical than the previous. Should you visit Mexico City or San Miguel, a stop in Pozos is recommended.

You can check out the hotel on their web site.

Succulents in hanging baskets

A group of hanging baskets with succulents adorns a wall at El Secreto de Pozos in Guanjuato state in Mexico


El Secreto hotel

A garden path leads to the hotel at El Secreto in Mineral de Pozos


Tweety bird in a cage with a man's hat

Throughout El Secreto, the mundane is transformed into museum quality still lifes.

Cacti collection

A collection of cacti fill a secluded corner in the secret garden of El Secreto hotel in Pozos, Mexico



Anyone would want to waste away in this authentic Margaritaville



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