Faces I Remember: Northwest Georgia

I recently completed a trip through northwest Georgia, visiting Rockmart, Euharlee, Rome, Summerville, Lafayette, Chickamauga, Rossville, and Ringold. The Georgia Tourism Division refers to this region as Georgia’s Historic High Country. Here are a few of the interesting people I met along the way.


Northwest Georgia Ann James


Ann James was walking along Highway 113 near Rockmart. I asked what county we were in and she replied, “Polk County, where the people are friendly. That’s what the sign says.” She was headed to the store at the top of the hill. She has lost 100 pounds by walking.


Northwest Georgia - Justin


Justin and his family live on Montgomery Street in Summerville. The young fellow has four bicycles and is proud to show them off.


Northwest Georgia - Etta and Jakiyah

Etta and Jakiyah

I found Etta Thompson and her granddaughter Jakiyah Smith picking poke salad. Etta boils the greens, then squeezes them dry before frying in oil with onion and eggs. Pokeweed, also known as poke sallet, grows wild across northwest Georgia and much of the United States.


Northwest Georgia - Ginger


When I told Ginger Lou that she matched this car, she accepted my observation as a high compliment. Ginger, of Newnan, Ga., was attending Finster Fest, an annual tribute to the famous northwest Georgia folk artist Howard Finster.


Northwest Georgia - Alfords

James, Adam and Marissa

James Alford, center, his son Adam, 10, and neighbor Marissa Sellers, 12, were walking along Old Federal Highway in Catoosa County. They were heading to lunch at Nellie Head Memorial Baptist Church. Adam is a car buff and Marissa wants to be a model.

2 Responses to Faces I Remember: Northwest Georgia

  1. Judy Lindsey Cook July 2, 2014 at 10:17 am #

    Thanks for sharing, Doug. I love to read your articles and your photos are wonderful. I noticed you photographed Shoulderbone Creek. My oldest son, Robbie, is an artist and one of his paintings is called Fly Fishing Shoulder Bone Creek. He was Georgia’s Artist of the Year in 1998. Please view his work at http://www.robbiecook.com Take care and next time you are in Dudley,..come by to see us.

    • Doug Hall July 2, 2014 at 10:52 am #

      Very nice work, Judy. Thanks for your comment.