2014 Madison in May Spring Tour of Homes & Gardens

Madison GA – For whatever reason General Sherman didn’t burn Madison and for that we are eternally grateful. Here are some scenes from the 2014 spring tour.

madison ga willow oak farm
The main house at Willow Oak Farm, constructed in 1866. A second home, known as the “gathering house” was erected in 2000 adjacent to this structure.
madison ga gathering house
The gathering house at Willow Oak Farm, built in 2000, was featured in Vol. 2 of Great American Homes by William T. Baker. Willow Oak is a 1250-acre holding a few miles outside Madison.
madison ga porch
The screened porch on the rear of the gathering house at Willow Oak Farm overlooks a swimming pool with a “diving board” made of a stone slab roughly shaped like the state of Georgia.
madison ga moss garden
The moss garden at Willow Oak Farm.
madison ga inn
The Madison Oaks Inn (Poullain Heights, 1905) is a lovely bed-and-breakfast near downtown Madison, Ga. You can stay for a night or forever. The property, with swimming pool, is on the market for somewhere north of one mil (as in 1,000,000).
madison ga high bed
The term “kicked out of bed” takes on new meaning at the Madison Oaks Inn, a bed-and-breakfast located in the home originally named Poullain Heights.


madison ga guest room
One of the inviting guest rooms at the Madison Oaks Inn
Madison GA Presbyterian Church
Sherman saw to it that his men received communion in the Madison Presbyterian Church in 1864. The troops promptly took the congregation’s silver communion service. Yankees.

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  1. Bob Martini May 5, 2014 at 6:49 pm #

    Enjoyed as always.

  2. Mar May 6, 2014 at 7:41 am #

    Really enjoyed the tour. Thanks for sharing the highlights.